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What can I grow in a shady patch that does not get much sun. I just want something that will give ground cover and something bright. No trees or shrubs as there is not a lot of room



Thanks for all comments on cyclamen.

27 Mar, 2010


Hi flintstone. Have a look at my plants that I grow under the beech tree. They cope with dense dry shade too.

27 Mar, 2010


Hi Flintstone,
Fuchsias might fit the bill. Hardy ones such as Mrs Popple are pretty tolerant. I grow them underplanted with ferns. Before the ferns start growing, in early spring I have a few primroses and some pulmonaria and some tiny daffodils. Self sown among this lot are alchemilla mollis and I have this year made an edging of colourful heucheras. I know I might have to move these if they're not very happy there, but it's worth a try.

27 Mar, 2010


Thanks to both of you. Nothing would grow there last year and as I am a relatively new gardener, didn't have a clue what to put there.

28 Mar, 2010

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