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By Pdb

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Am I being too fussy with weeding? I have a large garden with lots of borders and last year got my wish to make 4 of them into herbaceous borders. Some of them are 60ft in length.( am doing the rest gradually). One of them is near a sycamore tree and have noticed that all the seeds from the sycamore are sprouting. I am so far taking each one out individually. There are hundreds!!! Am I better just hoeing them or shall I carry on! Also on one of my other borders I laboriously took out lots of blue bells (the invasive type) last year before planting up. They are also begining to sprout again much to my annoyance. Is there a quick solution to getting rid of these. I don't seem to be getting the bulb out on some I have tackled as they are too deep.Sorry its such a long question.



Hi Pdb if you are able to I would hoe the sycamore seedlings out rather than hand weeding. As to the bluebells unless you remove the bulb and all the little bulblets they will return. The only other solution is to put some roundup in a bowl, done a disposable plastic glove, then a thin cotton one over that - dip your gloved fingers in the roundup and stroke on the bluebell leaves - make sure it does not get on anything else or on your skin. To be honest I'd leave the bluebells they look so pretty in spring.

27 Mar, 2010


I have the same problem with sycamore seedlings in a smaller border. I do find hand pulling ver satisfying but if i know there isnt anything else under ground I will hoe.

Roundup as MG suggests is probably the easiest solution.

27 Mar, 2010

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