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Is this my lavender?

New York, United States Us

I am a brand new (less than 2 months) container gardener. About a month and a half ago I planted some lavender, oregano and spearmint in the same container. I think after watering the seeds they moved. I noticed that these looked a lot different than the other sprouts. I can't say that I have smelled true lavender before but the leaves definitely have a distinct smell. I wanted to make sure that it was lavender because there were a lot of dandelion seeds flying in the air about 3 weeks ago. Thanks for all help.




It looks like a Lavender leaf.

20 Jun, 2008


Thanks so much Chrispook. I was a little worried and the pics that I google up on the internet are all adult lavender. I understand also that there are many types of lavender at that! Had no idea!!!

20 Jun, 2008


certainly looks like the lavender I planted a little while back and mine also has a faint yet distinctive smell

20 Jun, 2008

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