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Need to plan to have potatoes all year round for my family. I have more chance of my children eating them if they see me dig them up!!.. Have charlotte potatoes chitting and ready to plant on Good Friday as advised Just realised that there salad potaotes!.What potatoes can I plant now in my plastic bags? Im getting confused with 1st, 2nd and main crops. Im thinking of using the garden compost to put in the bags do I need to add anything else? I already know about earthing up that's the easy bit. I need potatoes that can be mashed, roasted and baked. The children like reds; I like Nadine and Desiree. Not sure how to plant them so I have pots all year round



Great growing in bags you are going to need one heck of a lot of bags to have potatoes all year round. Even growing in the ground we expect to buy in at this time of year. Take a look at;
for info on potato varieties.

27 Mar, 2010


Thanks moon grower. I have some really big bags!!! I know its not ideal but last year my potatoes got blight; so frightened to put them in the garden soil. Plus I never seem to dig them all up and they sprout all over the place the following year. Thanks for the web site I'll have a look

27 Mar, 2010


moon grower you have started something now!!! I went on the site and found teachers resources Ive sat here for ages downloading all the info!!!. I work in an early years centre with children under 5 and have been thinking of growing food with the kids. Now I have no excuse. The site kept crashing though. Thanks again I learnt alot about spuds. So I guess its only main crop pots get planted on good Fri as your hubby said. Otherwise im all set to go???????????

27 Mar, 2010


Yup get on and get planting. We'll put our first early potatoes in next week. Then a week or so later the 2nd early and then the main crop. We have to remember to plant in the moon bed on the correct day and to plant in the control bed on an incorrect day! So it all gets a little complicated.

27 Mar, 2010


Ok Ill follow your lead moon grower. Next week ist earlies got it. Thanks so much. I was getting confused.

27 Mar, 2010

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