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Hi bought two choisya ternata plants for my deck. We noticed that we had catapillars so removed them by hand and sprayed them. We moved them close to the house with the other potted plants and covered them loosely with a tarpaulin against the fence for the winter. Just been to check them and notice the leaves on the top looking brown and a bit shrivelled and some of the leaves look as though they have been eaten !! Can someone please tell me how to get them back to their glory and what care we should give them now it is coming up to April. Very grateful for your help. Thank you

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Once you feel the hard frosts are no longer a danger, I would prune all the frost damage off, give them a good feed of blood,fish and bone meal
and wait for them to look glorious and to flower.
Mine suffered last year in the same way, but even worse this year because of the hardness of the frosts. Also a feed should make them more resistant to attack by bugs etc., but only once a year.

27 Mar, 2010

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