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i had a large what i think was a globe cactus with about ten small ones growing on its sides,i have had it for about 5yrs,unfortunately the mother plant developed some sort of rotting disease so i took all the small ones off as they were healthy and put them in small pots in cactus compost .this was about 4 or 5 months ago and although they are still living they have not put any roots down at all,in fact i do not know how they are surviving any advice please



Cacti are designed for survival. Keep the compost pretty dry as they will rot without roots if they get wet. When the warmer weather comes they will probably get going but this is a rest season for them.The parent plant may have rotted through being rather too moist in cooler conditions - always err on the dry side, they are desert plants! Impossible to say what kind you have without a photo - there are very many ball shaped ones, some making little offsets like yours and some not. I hnope they grow for you.

8 Jan, 2014


thanks sSteragram for the good and prompt advice,i didnt want them to die as they are very healthy looking,only problem when they do root is finding them homes,i have ithinnk ten of them , its like having a litter of puppies ha! ha! again thanks.

9 Jan, 2014


Lol Blencowe! They don't take much room up when they are babies after all - not one of life's rapid growers! Put them all in one wide shallowish pot and put a bit of gravel on the surface of the compost to avoid the plant body being in contact with the compost later in the year when you water it.

9 Jan, 2014

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