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By Johnjoe

Ireland Ie

What is wrong when leeks leaves are broken off as if they were cut by scissors or knife. There are a lot of crows in the area, could they be the culprit. I would be most grateful for your advice



This happened to me with some flowers in a veggie patch. The culprit was a rabbit - caught in the act. It didn't eat them just snipped them in half.

9 Jan, 2014


This also happened to me on my cordyoline recently.Only on three or four leaves.The cuts were so clean you would swear it was done by scissors

10 Jan, 2014


Thank you for your replay Cammomile, there is some rabbits in the vicinity of the allotment. I haven't heard of them been around the allotment. I will look out for rabbit droppings that might let me know if rabbits where around, Also the leaves don't seem to be ate just cut and left

10 Jan, 2014


That a strange one Jg123, we must have the same hair dresser, or Tailor ,,,Lol

10 Jan, 2014

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