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By Elsie

Somerset, United Kingdom Gb

why has my camellia's leaves gone yellow with brown spots



Hi Elise and welcome to GoY we need more info to help you. When did you plant? Is it in ground or pot? Shade full sun? Have you been watering? A photo would also be useful

28 Mar, 2010


The most likely cause of this is magnesium deficiency. Water every 3 weeks or so with a solution of epsom salts. 1 flat teaspoonful to 2 pints of water.

28 Mar, 2010


and needs an acid soil or ericaceous compost and rainwater

28 Mar, 2010


Sounds chlorotic - if you have it in a pot, give it an ericaceous feed (Miracle Gro make one called Rhododendron and Azalea feed). If its in the ground, buy some Sequestered Iron, mix according to the instructions and water onto the soil at the base of the plant.

28 Mar, 2010


Thanks for your help

29 Mar, 2010

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