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By Squeek

Staffordshire, United Kingdom Gb

I really want to have a lawn in my garden. Its currently gravelled, paved and a concrete area, I gravelled it because we have 3 dogs so if I do lay a lawn it will have to be REALLY hardwearing. I was hoping to find a grass that would grow on a minimal amount of soil as underneath the gravel is MOT road stone (builders hardcore) and I thought that if the 3 terrors did decide to dig, they wouldn’t get far. My fiancé gives me free rein in the garden but I know she won’t be happy if I do lay a lawn and it turns to a bog with 3 muddy dogs. Anyone’s advice and/or comments will be most welcomed. Thank you for your time.



Hi Squeek and welcome to GoY, ou can't lay a lawn on road stone and expect it to a) grow well b) not get waterlogged. A lawn, just like any other growing thing needs drainage. Think what is going to happen when it rains... You will need to remove the road stone or settle for not having a lawn - with three terriers I would suggest the later is probably the easier option, especially if you consider that when they pee on the lawn it will turn the grass yellow!

28 Mar, 2010


MG's right, you will need to remove the hardcore for a lawn. The hardest wearing lawn grass is one with a high rye content, so something like Playlawn or similar, but dogs and good lawns don't really go together.

28 Mar, 2010

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