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Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hello, I was given a rhubarb plant last summer which I planted straight away, trouble is that I want to move it 4 ft away from its current site...
It has poked out above the ground and looks like a leaf is just about to unfurl.
Would it be madness to move it now? Will it still be as productive if I do move it or will I have to wait another year to let it recover? Many thanks



Personally as you only planted last autumn I would leave strictly alone for now. It is not going to be particularly productive this year in any case but if you shift it you will not get any rhubarb...

28 Mar, 2010


Well I'd risk a biscuit and move it - I'm about to move both mine and one has 3 leaves showing, the other 1, but they're in the wrong place. I shall dig them up with every intention of keeping the rootball entirely intact - with any luck, they won't even notice the move. Mine only went in last September too. Having just seen the weather forecast for this week, though, I'd wait till after Easter, or you'll be doing it in the snow by the look of things...

28 Mar, 2010


I agree with Bamboo I'd move it but try to keep it intact - good luck!!

29 Mar, 2010

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