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I live in Spokane Washington. Last year I had a kangaroo apple in a pot. I let it die. I just purchased some seeds. When do I plant them? I have the pot in the house which is around 65-70 degrees F. The bathroom can get warmer. How deep should i plant the seeds and home spread apart should they be for this large pot?Thanks Amy

On plant Solanum laciniatum



Usual rule is to plant seeds with as much soil as the size of the seed to cover them. These don't need pre treating in any way - I don't know how big the seeds are, so unless they're large, it might be best to start them off in a seed tray or a small pot and prick them out when they've got their first set of true leaves to your larger container.

28 Mar, 2010


My house temp should be ok to grow one at 65-70 degrees F? Should I start planting within a few weeks when I get the seeds or later? Thanks Amy

29 Mar, 2010


When you get the seeds - I've been unable to find out whether they germinate better in a warm place or not, but I'm sure they'll be fine inside. Bear in mind that, if you grow them indoors to start with, they will need to be hardened off before removing outside. This means acclimatising the plants gradually to the outdoors by placing outside for a few hours, increasing the time every day over a week, until you leave them outside overnight.

29 Mar, 2010

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