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Mahonia's seeds germinate

France, France Fr

Now my Mahonia's seeds have germinated and what must i to do and must i to let like this or to put in other pots and which way is the best thank you for the answers




Well done. I've never had a chance to grow Mahonia from seed because the birds eat all the berries before I can get ny hands on them. I would expect that the care of these is the same as other seedlings. Let them grow bigger than they are at the moment, until they have at leats one more set of leaves or bigger if they are not crowded. Then you can pot them on into individual pots and let them grow into good size plants before you put them in the ground.

20 Jun, 2008


Many congratulations, Alexandre! I told you to be patient, didn't I! Yes, just wait a while and prick them out into individual pots, then bigger ones as they grow.I don't think they should go into the ground until next year. Keep them in a cold frame when they are potted up. C'est tres bien, mon brave! Je suis tres heureuse pour vous.

20 Jun, 2008


Thank for your encouragement i'll follow your advices

mon cher Henry

20 Jun, 2008


Mon chien s'apelle Henry, on m'apelle 'Spritz', vous aussi, s'il vous plait m'sieur!

20 Jun, 2008


Oh sorry Spritz i'am sorry for this misunderstanding

21 Jun, 2008


Ah Spritz mon cher was that Frenchman calling you a chien?
Mon Dieu - thought French men supposed to be romantic !

21 Jun, 2008

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