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I bought a Wilma Cupressus last year and planed in a sheltered area of my garden. It looked beautiful all through last summer but it has gradually turned brown and 'crunchy' over the winter and is looking pretty sorry for itself. What did I do wrong (i'm not very green fingered) and is it salvageable?



It sounds as if has failed to take root properly. I hope that you remembered to water it last year even thought the weather was wet? As it is a conifer, it may not recover, or will be so horribly damaged that you would be best digging it out and replacing it.

29 Mar, 2010


I also have 2 Wilma Conifers which are 2year old, mine tooo are badly damaged after the severe winter one was more affected than the other and I have had to dig it out, the other I have trimmed of the brown parts and hope it will recover. Think yours sounds that it could also have been damaged by the weather, it depends how badly it has been affected, hope it does recover for you!

29 Mar, 2010

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