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does anyone answer these questions



The people who use this baord are all keen AMATEUR gardeners who do their best to help others. If a question is not answered it is usually because none of us know the answer.
And thus your question is answered. :)

29 Mar, 2010


As Owdboggy says, we do try to answer questions - sometimes going to a lot of trouble looking things up in books, and patiently answering the same question over and over again.

Want to give it a go, Rocco? You'd be very welcome!

29 Mar, 2010


yes, yes, yes we do!!!!!! We are all in this together Ask and you shall be answered

29 Mar, 2010


Hmm, well, having looked at your 2 questions, Rocco, I think the problem might be that your questions aren't really questions - they don't give enough information and its not clear what you're actually asking. We like to help wherever possible, but we don't actually have a crystal ball to gaze at...

29 Mar, 2010


Most of the members of GoY are UK based and we don't have a lot of experience of conditions in the USA. We will answere if we can but American questions are better answered by American gardeners.

29 Mar, 2010

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