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New South Wales, Australia Au

why cyclamen leaves are
turning yellow



It's hard to tell, Guest. I think that you should be heading into your best season for Cyclamen. Is this a recent purchase from a florist? If so, be sure to remove the decorative foil from around the pot, since it stops drainage, and may be causing root rot. Cyclamen also likes cool conditions, and will try to go dormant in a room much over 20 deg. C. If it is growing outside in the ground, I would have expected it to be dormant all summer, and just now starting to show leaves. So it is a puzzle.

30 Mar, 2010


my indoor ones that have been flowering for 3 months are now coming to the end of the flowering season. many of the leaves are ding back and this is normal for them.

30 Mar, 2010


The only trouble, seaburngirl, is that our Guest is in Australia, where the seasons are reversed. I've got to admit, I'm not sure where he would have gotten one that was blooming this time of year--easy for us in the northern hemisphere, rather more difficult down under!

31 Mar, 2010

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