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What is the best way to support peas? How do I construct a support?
I have an allotment that is rather exposed and it can be very windy.Many thanks

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Hi Susanlouise and welcome to Goy netting and canes both work well to support peas.

30 Mar, 2010


Depends on whether your peas are the climbing type which can go up to five or six feet or dwarf kinds, like the 'leafless' type that is almost self supporting.
If you are using netting, avoid the nylon type as we have far too often discovered birds and hedgehogs garrotted in it. It's terrible stuff.
For dwarf peas, the best method is to make a U shaped support of chicken wire and allow the peas to grow through it, or fix the wire vertically to short posts. If you can gather sufficient pea sticks, this is the oldest method and certainly the best, but you need a lot of sticks for even a small area.
The better the support the more peas you will be able to harvest in good condition, so I favour the wire netting 'frame', which you can reuse each year.

30 Mar, 2010

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