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By Bloomer

yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

When I potted one of my Dahlias up,one of the tubers broke off,so have potted it up to see if it will grow.The original plant is growing well,but no signs of growth on the little one yet.Do you think it will eventually,or am I just a bit impatient yet?



It will only be able to grow if the tuber had a bud on it. I find that broken off bits don't grow, but leave it for a few weeks to see. The buds are generally tight up against the base of the old flower stems.

30 Mar, 2010


Thank you,Volunteer,it didn't have a bud on it,but will do as you suggest,and wait a bit.I was doubtful about it,but hate throwing anything away.Worth atry,I suppose...

30 Mar, 2010


Yes, we gardeners are always eager for 'free'plants!! Why not take some cuttings off the main tuber once it has 6 inch sprouts?

30 Mar, 2010


You must be a mind reader,Volunteer,as I was going to ask that too,but didn't know how big the shoots had to be, to do this......Thanks,will do that :o))

30 Mar, 2010

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