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Merseyside, United Kingdom Gb

I have a shrub which is pretty but invasive. Has a tough root system, whip like tough stems which grow to 1.5 metres, with one dusty pink, triangle shape, fluffy flower on the top.

can you help?



It could be Spiraea douglasii?

30 Mar, 2010


Be easier with a photograph, though if it is Spiraea, it won't be in full leaf yet, I'd imagine.

30 Mar, 2010


is it a budldea?

30 Mar, 2010


And thinking about it, that could even be lilac, especially as its invasive.

30 Mar, 2010


Triangular stems sounds like a knotweed of some kind, though lilac could be square--still gots corners!

31 Mar, 2010


I took the flower to be 'triangular' rather than the stems.

31 Mar, 2010


That's what the questioner describes as triangular, the flowers, Tugbrethil, so you're right Seaburngirl.

31 Mar, 2010


Oops! Maybe when evolve, me learn read! : /

1 Apr, 2010

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