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I need help identifying this plant, I acquired it from where I used to work, and it hasn't been doing well since It arrived. Thanks much!

Plant1 Plant2 Plant4



Looks like some sort of Hoya? Possibly very sickly by the colour of those leaves though there are a lot and some do have patterned leaves.

Are the leaves held in pairs on the stem or do they alternate?

Any flowers ever produced?

30 Mar, 2010


The leaves are one on each side of the stem, and it did flower all the time previously before I obtained it...the flowers weren't flashy tho, green and blended in with the plant.. & look nothing like a Hoya flower, similiar to a Lady Slipper. These pictures are actually of the "healthier" of the and purple design. You can see in the back of the photo the plant with it's yellowing faded leaves. It is a puzzle....

3 Apr, 2010


Paired on the stem, to clarify.....

3 Apr, 2010


I'm beginning to think that it might be a Dischidia, like this one:

Your description of the flower shape has thrown me completely though and can only think that it must be some sort of Gesneriad (Gesneraceae family) that includes several vinous epiphytes such as Columnea and Aeschynanthus.

4 Apr, 2010


Aha! I think I am right with the Gesneriad family. It does appear to be an Aeschynanthus, in particular the species A. marmoratus.

4 Apr, 2010


You are Right, it is the A. marmoratus. Thanks so much for your research in identifying it. Now I can research as to what I'm doing wrong to cause it to look the way it does! Thanks again!

10 Apr, 2010

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