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By Inessa

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how do i start a oriental garden is it expensive to do i want it in my backyard which is about 100 feet long but i will not use all of it can you give me some suggestions i know i want a small bridge and waterfall



Hello Inessa.
We have GoYpedia Japanese Garden Plants, which might give you some ideas.

Please scroll to the base of the page and click on "J" from the alphabet.

Then click on Japanese Garden Plants.

You can do the same for Oriental Garden Ideas..
click on "O"...

I hope this helps you ....
... and welcome to GoY.

30 Mar, 2010


There are oriental gardens, and then there are oriental gardens! Look for a style that you like and try and emulate that even if it is just a feeling for it with a few cues. Generally though, keep it simple with just a few key plants and perhaps rocks and water.

There are many books and some great gardens in your area to visit too for inspiration.

30 Mar, 2010


once you have ideas what your after then look around and find things cheap, like making your own bridge will save money, buying plants on ebay or at garage sales/carboot sales,things are only as expensive if you dont look around, good luck with your plans

31 Mar, 2010

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