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what is the central section of a thistle called?



Do you mean the flower head?

Not sure it has a common name or even a technical name to be honest.

The Daisy family, Asteraceae have basically three types of flower head. All compound flower heads made up of many true, five petalled tubular flowers.

Those with central disc florets only (Thistles), those with central disc florets and ray florets around the edge (many familiar members of the family including the Daisy Bellis perennis), and those with only ray florets such as Dandelions, Chicory etc.

I can only guess that a thistle head may/might have words such as boss or choke applied to them,? though this is only a guess.

30 Mar, 2010


Now come on - this question has been asked and answered at least FOUR times in the last few days!! Is it an exam question?

Please scroll down for the other answers.

31 Mar, 2010


I call the central part of the thistle in my garden all sorts of names, none of them printable!

31 Mar, 2010


I'm sorry if I was a bit 'terse' with this guest, but why is this being asked so many times?

31 Mar, 2010


it seems to be a question on some assignment Spritz. I just wish people would start with 'I have this assignment question.......'

31 Mar, 2010


I agree completely - then maybe I'd feel more sympathetic!

31 Mar, 2010

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