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Mealy bugs in tree.

Northants, United Kingdom Gb

I've just been watering the garden ands noticed that my 20 ft bay tree is infested with mealy bugs.I've never heard of a tree being infested before.How on earth am I going to spray that???
They recommend provado but somehow I dont think a bottle is going to cover it ! and what about the spray back??Any ideas?



Interesting- I have an apple tree which is covered in mealy bug and I've never seen it before. I sprayed it with Sprayday Greenfly killer plus but it had no effect whatsoever. Possibly it wasn't strong enough. The trouble is unless the air is very still you get it drifting in your face.
I also would like to know what to do!!!!!

20 Jun, 2008


Hi Celandine.Are you sure its not apple wooly aphids?They look really similar to mealy bugs but pick on aplle trees.I knew that the ants were aphid farming my tree as I'd seen them waltz up and down the trunk but actually grabbed a chunk of white goo off a branch and had a good look today.The sprayday wouldn't have touched it as it states that because of their waxy coating the only thing that kills them is a systemic insecticide.I can only imagine how much its going to cost to drench the whole tree ,let alone get up there to spray.I have a pressure spray but it may have to be a mask and goggles.

21 Jun, 2008


Oh dear - sorry to hear that. What a job you both have!

21 Jun, 2008


This week I noticed my old Bramley apple tree has apple woolly aphid on its lower branches. I believe removing the aphid with a cloth soaked in methylated spirits is effective ( must get some) but maybe your plants are too big for this to be a viable option.

21 Jun, 2008


Hi Xela,yes I'd seen that advice this morning when I had time to research it .It sounds worth a try but I might rope in hubby's services for the top half of the tree.
The organic way would be to use lacewing larvea and fit a greaseband to the tree.I can afford the grease band but the larvae are expensive especially since you have to then buy them a house.The total came to £60!! so I think I'll try the meths first,but will fit a grease band to upset the ants.

21 Jun, 2008

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