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Can I split my vinca-periwinkle plant that has out grown it's container.



yes you can these are avasive plants and will put up with alot, and will still keep growing.

31 Mar, 2010


I wish my neighbours had grown theirs in a pot as the darn stuff (pretty when you have a small amount) has grown through the fence and is trying to take over my garden. It is everywhere and as the pond and rockery are next to the fence it comes up all over the rockery and is even bedding down in the pond!!! Grr! Sue

31 Mar, 2010


sue slip some weed killer over fence lol

31 Mar, 2010


Yes Sandra that is a good idea. They are really nice people but haven't got a clue what they are planting. They have a "mile a minute" plant at the bottom of the garden which is coming up all through our privet hedge. Wish i could get at the root with my secateurs Grr! john is in charge of lawn and hedge and he moans constantly. Love Sue

31 Mar, 2010


ive heard of that plant, a mile a minute glad i didnt get one lol
wouldnt be so bad if they cut it every couple of weeks so it didnt run off into your garden ;o( x

31 Mar, 2010

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