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Lily Beetle. Does the lily beetle,( the horrible red one, which eats and eats at my lovely lillies) survive our winters? I found one the other day ( squashed it) but was wondering if they can over winter in our climate.
If so how and where do they hibernate is it in the soil?
Had lots on the lillies last year, was on beetle watch daily, lost count of how many I flattened, seems so cruel, but I am not prepared to lose my lillies to the blighters!



They grow, they eat your lily's, they then mate and lay eggs. They can, will and do over winter in our soil. They then hatch into grubs and cover themselves in excrement (looks like bird poo) then they grow into beautifull red lily beetles and eat Frittilaries and lilys.

When you grab them they will drop to the floor and lay on their back so you can not see them. They will also squeek.

You need to check regularly if you have found them once.
Squish them is the only answer.

I have had plenty and there are plenty of pics on here and blogs about the little blighters.

I hope this helps.

31 Mar, 2010


Thanks for your reply, does spraying the lily help? if so which spray should I use?

31 Mar, 2010


I have only ever picked them off and squashed them.

31 Mar, 2010


..yes and they do squeak don't they!! You could spray the larvae (that look like poo!) if you have a lot of plants.

31 Mar, 2010


Should you wish to spray them, use provado ultimate bug killer, does what it says on the tin..8)

31 Mar, 2010


You have now Disneyised the lily beetle for me. I shall have to wear ear plugs when I kill them !! Do you think it's like boiling a lobster when they squeak - I can't eat them now as they mate for life - I wonder if lily beetles do -- lol.

31 Mar, 2010


Unfortunatly,they have survived the harsh winter. I squash them to avoid using more chemicals Snake

1 Apr, 2010

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