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Has anyone got advise on gardening in the Algarve Portugal, particulally veg.
I´ve been told Wylieintheazores may be able to help me, if so please let me know

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Somehow your question slipped by. I saw an answer to someone else a couple of days ago: Google: gardening in portugal. There is a large ex-pat group in the continent. I had never thought to do a search in english, and the ones in portugese don't help much. We are warm weather, so we do things sooner than the people in Britain. Cabbage, spinach, even lettuce can be grown in the winter (when the cabbage butterfly isn't around). The best advice is to look at when the old farmers plant things. They are more than willing to tell you how they do things and when to do it. Wylie ... in the Azores.

4 Apr, 2010

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