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I have lots of evy roots in the ground what is the best thing to do please



If you mean ivy, have the same problem. If you google "kill ivy" you'll get 3million hits so it is a very big problem. There's ivy that grows "up" and there's ivy that grows "along". I am told that ivy leaves are greasy and laugh at normal weed killers. So for the "up" ivy cut the stems and try SBK in a hole in the stem. Also, a liberal skwirt of SODIUM CHLORATE around the base will help if you have too many stems to cut. This chemical is now band in the UK so you'll have to source it. The "along" ivy is more difficult to treat because it gets everywere and the best I have been able to do is mow it, hoe it, pull it and cut it. Clearing of a customers garden was a never ending and lengthy job. Ivy to me is the nearest thing to human cancer in the garden because it may die with chemo or surgery or both. Welcome to the world of IVY KILLERS!!!!

1 Apr, 2010


I have spent most of today pulling it out. I fork the soil to losen the roots and then pull. I keep on top of the self sown seedlings, pulling them as soon as i see them. before they get a hold.
I have had some success by spraying the leaves with soap solution then with roundup/glycophosphate. But I'm not overly keen on herbicides.

1 Apr, 2010


Ivy I hate it my daughter loves it. I have both types! groan. If they are other roots you are talking about Wreckedit. Pull them up!! Especially if there thick roots as these will be nettles, bindweed or brambles, or bigger roots may be plantains - and you dont want them!!!! Nettles are good as they can be put on the conpost heap. or made into a kind of soup theat will fed the garden. Good luck

2 Apr, 2010


Great, I do take your point about pulling them up. However, they are in a clients garden and they will not take part in clearing them. There are many thousands of them from 15 years of neglect. I have filled a 20 ton skip with the "up" ivy even cut down good trees infested with it. I had to grass over the "down" ivy so that it could be cut with the grass. In between the 40x1 metre shub border I keep a very sharp hoe handy which nobody else can be bothered to use.
I like ivy, used judicously, some varities can enhance a garden wonderfully. But when people get lazy,uncaring and divorced they lose the plot (good joke). I am having to work on clients gardens quite often where this has been the case. I am convinced that if they sell the posh car get a banger and spend the money on landscaping or gardening they will feel alot better!! MSFTD

2 Apr, 2010

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