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How far up do I cover potatoes?

Do I leave a little bit of leaf or completely cover when earthing up? I have a few leaves and eyes are about 2 inches from potato base.



Cover the lot. I havent planted mine yet, was hoping to do it over Easter if it ever stopps raining

1 Apr, 2010


Cover completely as Great says and keep earthing/ridging up as the shaws grow

1 Apr, 2010


I risked planting a few of my salad ones last week...,before it came cold again,and although not coming through yet,I have loosely covered them with a double layer of garden fleece,and weighted it round the edges with stones.good job too,with the strong winds this week.

1 Apr, 2010


Bloomer if you ridged them up properly they will be okay.

1 Apr, 2010

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