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Planting potatoes in plastic bags
As its Good Friday we 'should' be planting out potatoes. Happy Easter everyone!! On a gardening cat web site think it was Dobbies or T&M there was a demo of how to grow spuds in plastic. They just filled up the bag with compost, no gritt. Do you add gritt? or just multi purpose compost



Happy Easter Great. Just the compost no grit. Adding grit can mark your potatoes. We will not be planting today following snow, gales, first from the east then from the west we had a lull last night and there is not a breath of wind this am but there is a ground frost so no digging today.

2 Apr, 2010


I am sooooooo glad you said that as I haven't got any grit!!! ha ha. Better get on and do it then haden't I got no excuse now. Sonds like you have the worst of the weather. Does the weather know its meant to be spring? You've had frost as well!!??!! actually now I come to think about nit we had a little yesterday. Oh well have a good day whatever you do

2 Apr, 2010


i just did my potatoes and i didnt put and grit in

2 Apr, 2010


You do not need to add grit when growing potatoes... as Scotsgran points out it can mark the potatoes as they grow.

2 Apr, 2010

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