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My small London front garden (10'x6') has poor soil, rubble and clay, does anyone know of any flowers that might grow there? I have previously grown geraniums to some succes. It is North East facing. Thanks!



You call that a small front garden!!!???!!! You want to see mine small london garden. Anyway. Add multi purpose compost and maybe some gymsin not spelt that right I know Auberita wil look good corn flowers, pot marigolds

2 Apr, 2010


I was just reading an article in "Kitchen Garden", called Food Among the High Rise. Its a group of London flat owners etc who have no space and have created a sort of club for growing food and flowers in very tight spaces. Impressive !!

Details at or

I am sure these are "Experts" at bijou gardening

2 Apr, 2010


I had a front garden that size some years ago, got half a day's sun, but the wall dividing it from the street blocked the sunlight. I gave up, crazy paved the area, left a space by the front door for a climber, used an old water tank from the loft on top of the paving, filled with soil, and planted flowering things in that. Result - looked tidy, room for the dustbin, always something nice to look at. Just a thought - depends whether you can get a water tank though! But large containers would do just as well.

2 Apr, 2010

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