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can anyone tell me why i am getting mould in plant pots in greenhouse ?..

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This is green, so is algal growth rather than fungus. The ph of the compost can be a factor here plus keeping the surface too damp.

You could try a dusting of perlite or vermiculite after sowing. Very small seeds may need the covering slightly crushed to make it a little finer though the dampness is the main problem here.

2 Apr, 2010


i get this sometimes in growouse, i gently remove and add new composs which helps

2 Apr, 2010


thank you Fractal, i had an idea it may have been a damp problem but wanted to make sure it must be me watering too much thank you so much for your advice i will try the vermiculite..
hi san i am going to re pot and try vermiculiteand add new compost as you say thank you ...

3 Apr, 2010


also make sure you have ventilation as damp can be a factor

31 Oct, 2010


thank you Islander,i shall be taking all comments on board ..

31 Oct, 2010

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