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what do I mix with garden compost to make it suitable for seed compost?



Unless your compost gets so hot it kills all weed seeds I would not use as part of your seed compost as this needs to be sterile, otherwise you are going to have weeds coming up with your flower/veggie seedlings.

19 Jan, 2014


Absolutely MG. I personally use multi - purpose for all my seeds, and occasionally sieve it, saving the bigger lumps for potting on. I do add perlite to the seeding compost.

19 Jan, 2014


The best use for your garden compost (assuming its been produced by just putting stuff on it and letting it rot in its own time) is on the garden itself - I wouldn't even use it as ordinary potting compost, and its definitely not suitable for use as seed compost, as MG above says.

19 Jan, 2014


Agree with all above. I buy 'seed and potting compost' and use 2 parts of that to 1 part vermiculite, and it works :))

19 Jan, 2014

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