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My tomato plant has stopped growing after the first 2 true leaves after the cotyledons. Help.



Hi Mona, I see you're in India, so there is a possibility that your temperatures are too high for tomatoes, ideally they should be kept at 70 deg f, with a minimum night temp of 50 f, anything over 80 deg, and they will stop growing, and anything below 40 deg, and they will stop growing, and may even go blue with cold, Derek.

19 Jan, 2014


Presently it is 64 to 66 degree fahrenheit min. It is not gone above 80 for quite some time

22 Jan, 2014


Hi Mona, is that the night time temperature, if it is then it doesn't really want to be any higher in the daytime, 80 deg f is an absolute maximum for growth to continue, if the temperature is much above the 66 you mention, then I would be looking at ways of keeping them cooler, the optimum temp is 70 deg f through the day, they also like a fairly moist atmosphere, if the above doesn't apply, then the only thing I can think of is some kind of virus, of which there are many, Derek.

22 Jan, 2014


It finally grew. How long does it take to flower, any idea?

19 Apr, 2014


Maybe giving it some shade helped thanks:)

19 Apr, 2014


Hi, tomato plants usually develop quite quickly, in the UK we usually plant them round about may, allow them to grow 5 or 6 trusses, then stop them, as it will be too cold to ripen any more than this, they have usually finished by mid to end of september, so it's all over in about 6 months, as yours were in the ground in january, they should have developed quite a few trusses by now, and you should have been getting fruit for quite a while, Derek.

19 Apr, 2014


Umm... there is no fruit or even flowers

24 Apr, 2014


Hi Mona, I'm sorry, but I'm at a loss as how to explain this, I've never heard of this before, Derek.

24 Apr, 2014

How do I say thanks?

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