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Is there anyway to keep lettuce in the garden all summer long. I like the leaf lettuce and the butterhead.



So sequentially, in other words so just half a dozen seeds at a time each week and sow them individually so you do not have to thin. Just keep doing this week after week...

20 Jan, 2014


agree withMG with a slight deviant i would say 2 weeks

20 Jan, 2014


Yes that probably works as well… also consider getting a packet of salad leaves seed this is the sort where you pick the outer leaves and let the inner ones keep growing and is what Bulba and I use.

20 Jan, 2014


Im going to be sowing about 10 seeds a week....i get through about 2 or 3 icebergs a week in winter so use a lot more in summer.

20 Jan, 2014


Thank you all for your comments.
Would this work in summers where temperature in June can go to 30C - 35C although that isn't constant. Low temperature in our summer is about 25C. We have a lot of sun.
I shall try starting, as advised here, but in containers then plant out. Ours go to seed very quickly.
I have been planting thick rows of lettuce.
Thanks again, Clementine

2 Feb, 2014


Should still work so long as you keep well watered. The majority of lettuce and salad leaves sold in the UK are grown in Spain.

2 Feb, 2014


Bibb is the most heat tolerant variety of lettuce that I know of. We can't keep it all summer here in southern Arizona, but it might work for you, Clementine, since your nights will be colder than ours.

6 Feb, 2014


Thank you both for responding.
Interesting to know that the UK imports lettuce from Spain. I believe we import spinach from Japan, can't fathom that one out.
In the winter I buy organically grown kale, broccoli and carrots from America. We root-cellar a lot of stuff. We have our own potatoes from one season to the next, same with apples. Some apples still good from the previous year. Underground root-cellar.
I hope your weather in Arizona is OK now.

8 Feb, 2014


Kind of warmish, Clementine. It'll be around 21º C today, and may exceed 31º on Saturday. I hate to think what summer will be like this year! :/

11 Feb, 2014

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