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any tips for my new green house
im gettign agreen house and i was wondering if anybody could give me any tips on how i could geet my plants to perfection



Lots of ventilation for a start...have an automatic vent in the roof, and louvres opposite the door to allow fror a throughput of air.

Make sure you clean out any dead leaves or 'clutter' including spilt compost, to keep it as clean and pest-free as possible.

The best time to water any plants is in the early morning, and damp down the benches and floor in hot weather. (Haha!)

I'm sure other members will come up with more tips.

3 Apr, 2010



3 Apr, 2010


what is hot weather spritz?lol
Mind you we are supposed to be having a bbq summer again.
Charlotte what spritz has said is true. but if you forgot to water first thing , water as soon as youve remembered and perhaps again last thing at night if and only if they have dried out again

6 Apr, 2010

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