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What are these weeds, what kills them?

Ohio, United States Us

This particular weed travels by runners underground, how can we kill it without killing lawn or garden plants? Also, the goofy, opportunistic wild violets. How does one get rid of those?




Not sure what it is, but all you can do is to paint the leaves with Roundup. Add a little liquid soap to the Roundup solution. It makes it stick to the leaves better,so it does not drip onto other plants. As for vioelts, you tell me. I have just painstakingly removed a 2 gallon bucket of seedlings from one of our alpine growing areas and even then I reckon I missed a lot. I use a small flame gun (Butane powered blowtorch) on them as this fries the seeds, but you cannot do this too close to other plants.

22 Jun, 2008


Glechoma hederacea - also known as Creeping Charlie, Ground Ivy, or Gill-over-the-ground. I find it just as easy to pull it out. My neighbour uses a Borax & water solution on her lawn which takes quite a while and I am not sure of residual effects. I think something like 'Weed & Feed' for the lawn would be more reliable, and should kill the violets too (Eek! I love them in the lawn! )
I dig up most unwanted weeds by hand - early spring has the best effect - it is a repetative process but best for the health of other plants & the wildlife in the yard. Ontario is passing a 'no - pesticides' law, so methinks I will soon have lots of company out there on our hands & knees, Lol!

22 Jun, 2008


Ugh - how stupid do I feel? I saw some of this in a friends garden and saw the pretty lilac flowers and how the bees seemed to love it and asked if I could have some for my garden. NOW IT'S EVERYWHERE! Sorry, no advice to offer, just sympathy!

22 Jun, 2008


Alan Titmarsh recons we don' t have weeds, only plants that are in the wrong place, Richard Mabey writer of the book Food for Free, says if it's eatable eat it, e.g. dandelions - nettles - etc. And there's always a good thick dose of mulch.

22 Jun, 2008

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