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By Hijuju

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

has anyone tried growing Runner Beans in Hanging Baskets ...ONLY o would like to try it out this year to see if it works ok




I've never grown runners in hanging baskets but certainly in pots.

You might get away with dwarf varieties such as Hestia or Flamenco.

I'd be worried about water loss as hanging baskets are notorious for drying out and runner beans are water hungry plants. Water retaining gel might help. As with all gardening you can only try.

21 Jan, 2014


Hum as runner beans want to climb I think you would have a challenge with them in a hanging basket, also unless it was a large basket as Spottedray says it would be liable to dry out.

21 Jan, 2014


Im trying Hestia this year in baskets.

21 Jan, 2014


Dwarf beans might work but can't imagine it with runners...

21 Jan, 2014


From Guy Barter Chief Horticultural Advisor Royal Horticultural Society....."You can grow runner beans successfully in a hanging basket, especially if the basket is a large one and if you use dwarf cultivars..But as the crop depends very much on water supply and hanging baskets are inherently drought prone, i would question the wisdom of doing this."

22 Jan, 2014


I'd stick to a large pot, a wigwam of canes and three runner bean seeds at the bottom of each cane.

22 Jan, 2014


Hi, if the chief advisor to the R H S wouldn't advise it, then I wouldn't do it, just do as Moon grower has suggested, Derek.

23 Jan, 2014

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