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By Bernard

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

Poorly house plant
We're a bit worried about this one that is showing signs of stress. Could any plant doctor analyse the symptoms and point us towards helping it to recover?




MABEY the pot is a bit to small

3 Apr, 2010


Oh dear, not looking very well. Okay, here's what it needs as growing conditions:
Bright light, some winter sunshine ok but keep out of summer sun,though still in bright light conditions. Do not allow to dry out completely - water a little every 3 days or so. If you have central heating, keep it away from radiators, etc., and if your room is hot, place a small container of water behind the plant to increase the air humidity around it. Best grouped with other plants (this helps with air humidity). (I have this plant and in fact, its near a hot pipe, but I have the water container behind the plant and in front of the pipe)

Now for the emergency room treatment; if its dry, soak it in a bucket for an hour. Then remove and allow to drain down completely. If its roots are hanging out of the pot, pot up into a bit bigger one with fresh compost. Cut off at the base any damaged, dead or dying leaves. Now place back in a suitable position . If you repotted, make sure you water it and give it a feed - baby bio houseplant food will do for now, but if you've got any tomato food, give it a dilute solution once the leaves have have recovered and are plentiful again.
Sorry, seem to have written an essay, lol!

3 Apr, 2010


Is it in a draft? Has it been mist sprayed?. Cut the leaves affected off down as far as you can go. Poor thing looks like it has a cold. Maybe put it in a warmer place with no drafts.

3 Apr, 2010


Bamboo I love your advise!! I have this plant. I moved it to a room where don't laugh, please don't laugh! there were no people, no conversation. The plant after a while looked really sorry for itself. Placed it back into the living room where it is thriving. The moral of my story is talk to your plants! I said don't laugh he he

3 Apr, 2010


Alright, I won't laugh (he he) but its not impossible - every time you speak you breath carbon dioxide out, and that's what plants absorb, but its more likely the conditions were preferable in the busier room for other reasons!

3 Apr, 2010


Thanks a lot, everyone, remedial action is in hand.

4 Apr, 2010

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