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By Segovia

Merseyside, United Kingdom Gb

Is it too early to start treating moss on my lawns ?



You could try scarifying it now... Give it a really good rake with a wire rake. You'll be surprised how much debris you remove.

I would also spike the lawn with a garden fork to aerate it and throw some sharp sand on it.

25 Jan, 2014


I'd suggest waiting until the grass starts growing strongly before scarifying. If you do it now and you do a thorough job it will look a mess for months ,whereas if you wait until growth starts it will recover in a few weeks.

25 Jan, 2014


Thanks , I think it is too wet for scarifying.

I was thinking of Moss Killer before it gets any worse


25 Jan, 2014


too wet really, most would get washed through the soil. and if it did stay enough it would give you a black lawn until the grass grows to cover it.

25 Jan, 2014


They say you should wait for the weeds to appear so that you kill them off too. March to April is best. Do remember grass is a collection of plants and if it snows or we get frost it would suffer if weakened.

25 Jan, 2014


Thanks Linda, good advice - I'll wait until March

I'll just not have to look at it between now and then as it seems to be taking over

Anyone else got any moss ? Is it due to the rain ?

25 Jan, 2014


Yes my shady part of the lawn, during the winter it receives no sun and is constantly damp.....perfect conditions really for mosses, ferns etc. No ferns in the grass

25 Jan, 2014


Unless we have a very mild spring I leave my lawn care until mid April

26 Jan, 2014


Yes me too Aman.....

26 Jan, 2014

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