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By Chris58

Our Cornish Palm has divided into 2 branches at ground level and these are growing at an angle of 45 degrees. Is it possible to dig around the root ball and reposition to a more upright position.



it is worth a try but you may find they are still firmly joined at the base so saw through that vertically so both sections get a good share of the roots. when replanted water well until established. [if lots of rain then no need to but light rain, if that's possible any where at the moment will need watching and watering].

26 Jan, 2014


Depends how long its been in the ground - if its more than 4 or 5 years, it's unlikely you'll be able to move it successfully.
The alternative is to wait till march or April, then cut down the existing stems - this should force new growth either from the base or from where you've cut. When that starts, and as it grows, just remove any growth you don't want so you get something that's a better shape. If/when you do cut, slope the cuts at an angle so rain can run off, preferably directed away from the base.

This assumes you're talking about Cordyline australis, when you say Cornish Palm.

26 Jan, 2014

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