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By Googie

cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

With these freak weather conditions do you think it is too early to put my dahlias in I am going away so I want to get them in before I go.



If you have to plant them now, then you will have to do it though you may well be taking a big risk of course. After planting, you could mulch around them with a light compost and perhaps a very loose covering of straw. This can be easily removed when you get back.

4 Apr, 2010


Plant them a little deeper than usual, cover with a large inverted plant pot held down with a cane through a drainage hole.

4 Apr, 2010


These are interesting replies, i'm glad you asked this, Googie !

I've not grown from tubers before and when i bought some recently, the directions said plant from March onwards .... is this a bit optimistic then ?
I've planted one of them out but the others i've still got to get round too !

4 Apr, 2010


As much as anything its the wet and the cold.

Forgot to mention, surround the plants with slug pellets or beer traps!

4 Apr, 2010


or plant them in large pots and leave in the shed/coalhouse. when growth showing and weather milder plunge the pot into the ground and then easy to lift in the autumn to overwinter them.

4 Apr, 2010

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