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By Csarina

Leicestershire, United Kingdom Gb

Does knphofia grow from a tuber? we have an enormous amount of what we were told were red hot pokers that have not been divided for years, they completely fill one bed, when we dig down there are very large tubers in some cases almost a foot long.

If they are not kniphofia what are they?????

On plant Kniphofia uvaria

2010_04040001 2010_04040002



Hi Carina and welcome to GoY good to see the Scots joining! Yes the kniphofia grows from tubers. See if you can find someone locally to share them with or offer to a local gardening club.

4 Apr, 2010


Thanks for that, I thought thats what they were but could find nothing that said they grow from tubers.

We are members of a NTS friends group who support a local NTS garden, we have an open day at the end of May, I will pot some up. We also have what I think is a spirea that has put up some shoots which I am going to try and get out and pot up as well.

One thing we have found is a us huge and has spread next door. I am wiaiting to see what colour it is!!!

4 Apr, 2010


Welcome to GOY. I split my kniphofias every three years. I dig them up, cut back the main (Orange) root to strong new roots (quarter inch thick and yellow) . They will put out aeriel roots if left too long in a clump. The spare ones are planted in black flower pots recycled from the supermarket. I give them to anybody who can sell them eg Church fete etc. Good luck with your NTS Open Day. Which garden is it as we live within travelling distance and could maybe visit? Some of us would welcome the opportunity to meet but probably feel happier if it was at something like a garden open day.
You can see mine on my photos on my home page.

4 Apr, 2010


Hi Scotsgran

The garden is Suntrap at Gogar, from 1990 - 98 my husband and I were heavily involved with the garden, they have a web site.......the open day is Sunday 23rd May. the garden is open from 10-30 - 4,30.

We have just moved to East Lothian after 12 years down south, my OH was born in Edinburgh. The garden we have taken over is a nightmare, some nice person (idiot) planted vinca major and minor and then left it to grow along with the kniphofias.............we have almost finished digging out one bed but have another enormous bed to deal with.......OH is also clearing the back garden and digging a veg garden. We live on an estate outside East LInton. I brought a lot of plants with me, but the space we have to fill, I will be asking all my friends for cuttings....... I will have a look at your home page. I will post some pictures of our gardens in the past including the allotment we had.

4 Apr, 2010


I know it well it is on the west side of Edinburgh for any GOYers free on that day. I know East Linton well having been married there 47 years ago on 30th March. I nursed in Ward 2 at East Fortune Hospital for two years. My sister and husband lived in the village. Just checked the diary we will not be available that day.

4 Apr, 2010


Csarina don't know if you are interested in alpine and rock garden plants but there will be a big (and I do mean big) show of them next Saturday at the Fairmilehead church hall. Mr MB and self will be there. This is run under the auspices of the Scottish Rock Garden Club. Doors open at 10am and we watch a sea of folk head for the plants sales room where there will be around six specialist nurseries selling wonderful plants. There is a book stall (where you will find us) and a wonderful tea room with far too many good cakes! The actual show opens around 11.45 but get there earlier for the plants.

Suntrap is wonderful we've been several times.

4 Apr, 2010


I spotted Edrom nurseries are going to be there Mg so I will try and get there.

4 Apr, 2010


Edrom and lots of other wonderful nurseries! Jim Jermyn, who used to own Edrom is likely to be there too!

4 Apr, 2010


I am hoping to get as well, depends on what time OH's bowls start

Suntrap is still under threat, its not safe at all, I will know a bit more after the AGM on 17th.

4 Apr, 2010

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