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Kidney Beans


By Lavine

United States Us

Can someone please tell me what is eatingthe leaves of my kidney beans, ive grown them up a wigwam in a large pot, they have reached the top now and some of the leaves have large holes eaten out of them,i would love to know what it is so i can treat them, Thanks



Snails will climb up and eat leaves, but then you see slime trails. The only other thing which does eat leaves, leaving scalloped edges, are bean weevils. Look carefully at the plants without touching and you might see some long nosed beetles on the plants. If you disturb them they drop off and play dead and are hard to see. As long as the damage is not excessive you can ignore it in well grown plants. Collect up and destroy any you find.

22 Jun, 2008


its more than likely to be slugs and snails coz recently i have been growing kidney beans well i have just started but as soon as i spoted your question i had a look in one of my mums books and found that slugs and snails are very parshal to a bit of kidney bean leaves.

16 Jul, 2009

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