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i have recently purchased a malvern solar shed i have the choice of where and in what direction to site this do you site it towards the side of my house where it will get the sun in the morning only or out the back garden where it will get the sun all day my garden faces south.

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Hi Alan and welcome to GoY. I have just looked the web and am now very jealous of your solar shed.
Where you site it will depend on what you wish to use it for. I suspect that in summer it will get very hot and you would need to shade any plants in it. Therefore, if it is for summer flowering plants I would put it where it gets the morning sun only. If your main use will be to protect plants from winter wet then I would have it facing south. Actualy I would probaly have it south facing anyway and have my potting bench in front of the glass for the view over your garden.

4 Apr, 2010


Thanks for the advice i am a novice you initially think the sun all day is what you need but the temperature will soar behind the glass therefore it sounds like the side of the house makes sense, south facing also. I extending my garden by 120m square, the ground is wet therefore i was planning on some raised beds therefore any tips gratefully received.
PS The solar shed is second hand albeit in great condition.

4 Apr, 2010

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