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Can I cheat?. I have a wildlife area to make, I have over wintered lots of flowery plants ready to go into this area. I am unable to dig it over due to ill health. Can I get someone i.e. my children to tip the composts bins out, they are nearly rotted down and get the area levelled and plant through this?



I don't call that "cheating" Great, I have done this with my veg garden ever since I started growing. It's called "The no dig method"! I usually start by covering the area with manure (but any compost will do!) and then cover this in weed membrane over winter, then in spring everything is nicely "cooked" ready to plant into!
Go for it friend, your flowers will appreciate it!

4 Apr, 2010


Ah thanks Ian that makes me feel better. At least I can get on with it, was a bit worried I would have to wait for the compost to rot down a bit more. Or for me to be able to dig again. My plants are bursting to come out of there winter pots. I grow my veggies on the no dig raised bed system. Hoping this year will be better than last yr. I just can not seem to work out how many vegetable plants I need to grow to keep a family of 4 going. Been working on this for years! Thanks again

4 Apr, 2010


If you ever work out a system Great, will you let me know? I will probably end up with as much in the compost as on the table now I've got my allotment!

4 Apr, 2010


Ian, hope your feeling a lot better now, hope you've eaten your Easter egg to ha ha I have been trying for what seems like forever. With me it seems to be all or nothing!! I will keep you informed lol

5 Apr, 2010

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