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I grew some mint in a clay pot which ,believe it or not ,died on me.I wasn't bothered about it at the time and just left the pot with the remains of the mint in over winter.When I came to empty the pot ,to reuse it ,I found these little white grubs.The pot is a fair size about 5 liters-ish and I stopped counting grubs at 30.Any idea what they are? I did try to get him to smile but I didn't have much luck.




can`t tell how big they are but nice photo - if they are C shaped and clustered around the roots and the roots are disapearing then there vine weavel horible devils bag the remains of compost from the pot and bin it- (they have eaten the roots)

5 Apr, 2010


Boil some water and sterilise the pot.
You could of had a small one in the soil when you bought the mint.
But if you want to grow mint again , this is what i do.
Get a 5 litre plastic drum and cut the top and bottom of with a saw.Then sink into the ground and leave about 6 - 8 inches of the plastic pot above ground, start to fill in with compost and add the mint plant , fill in around the plant, and water

This a good idea , and the mint will not spread.

I know i gave this advise to one numpty and the following year he came back and told me he could sell me some mint. he didnot take my advise and ended up with 4 square metres of the stuff!!!!!!

5 Apr, 2010

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