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how can you stop fish from eating the frogs born



can you move it to an area of the pond thart the fish can't reach, I still get a few tadpoles so some must survive !

5 Apr, 2010


Yes you need a safe area for the frog spawn, could you not improvise with alarge container for now.

5 Apr, 2010


you could get a big container and take them out till they hatch and get a size.

5 Apr, 2010


i agree nosey potter.
What sort of fish have you got charlotte?
Only when i had frog spawn and fish in the pond i didnt have this problem.
I have just found out if you dont feed the fish twice a day(first thing in the morning and about 5ish in the afternoon), the fish will go for whatever is edible in the pond

5 Apr, 2010


pop the spawn in a colander in the pond. the fish cant get in and the water circulates as normal.

5 Apr, 2010


goldfish are omnivouras excuse my spelling but they dont love frog spawn or tadpoles normaly so hijuju is right to .

5 Apr, 2010


Some ideas/points to consider:
1/ Although fish don't eat frogspawn - they will eat tadpoles - but if they're full of fish food, they might not be bothered (try Hijuju's feeding suggestion?).
2/ Even if the fish don't decide to eat them, newts will - and after a period of eating algae, tadpoles themselves can be cannibals. See:
3/ If you have a colander in the water, ensure it has holes smaller than the tadpoles. Our local aquatic centre sells very big pond planting baskets with really fine mesh sides that I thought might be a "nursery" if put in a shallower (but not too hot) part of the pond, with some pondweed - and release them into the pond after maybe 2/3 weeks.
4/ If removing them out of the pond into a big container, don't let them get too hot and make sure they have pondweed/algae to eat at first. On the day that they don't seem happy any more - put them in the pond.
Good luck.

5 Apr, 2010


you need to be careful not to feed pond fish if the water is very cold as they are unable to digest it, we've had fish for years and wait until they come up( don't see them in the winter -- and havn't yet) then feed slowly

6 Apr, 2010

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