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I have a question about netting/fleece. When is it best used in the vegetable garden?? Let me explain...Peas for example have flowers that need to be pollinated by bees and the like, yes? So when should they be netted so We get the peas and not the birds? Cabbages need fine netting to keep off the cabbage white butterfly These I think can be netted quite soon after the plants start to grow. Carrots netted straight away ?? to stop carrot fly. Is it better to use netting or fleece, or enviro mesh?



I've never netted peas to keep the birds off - I've also not experienced them doing any damage to pea crops. The best way to deal with brassicas is to build a free standing cage with a fine enough mesh to keep out the cabbage white butterfly (not that we do this!). Carrots need fleece to keep the root fly out. This needs to be in contact with the soil all the way round and should go on when you sow the carrots. Remember to plant them with onions and marigolds to confuse the carrot fly. Companion planting is an interesting topic!

5 Apr, 2010


I agree MG companion planting is interesting, must be so confussing for the insects lol

6 Apr, 2010

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