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what is the best way to clean out a very small fish pond


By Kara

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

my Garrya eliptica leaves are very ill they are red and black and then die what is it.




6 Apr, 2010


if you have fish then pop them in a container and cover with a teowl/sheet to stop them jumping out. Then put the plants into a bowl with water too, to stop them drying out.
either bale or siphon the water out. when as empty as possible scoop any mud/sludge out. In the past I have popped this onto the borders as a mulch/fertilizer. when empty scrub the pond with a suitable brush and clean water [no soap]. then when you happy with its cleanliness you need to refil it.
the plants can go back in but you will need to do one of 2 things for the fish. either let the pond stand for 3 days to allow the chlorine to disipate or add a propretary water conditioner. put fish back.
the water will go green in a matter of days and then over 2-3 weeks it will stabalise and clear.

hope this helps.

6 Apr, 2010


i find that if you use an old dustpan and a bucket you can get the most of the last bit of water out easily then get an old towel and wring it mite be worth putting some cardboard under the bucket if its a liner you use to stop it making holes.

7 Apr, 2010


and if it is a liner dont forget to take your shoes off. I sed hubby's car sponge last time. guess who was in the doghouse?

7 Apr, 2010


lol oops went from the house to the garage to the pond to the dog house hay seaburn lol

7 Apr, 2010


via the mad house :o)

7 Apr, 2010


lol xx

7 Apr, 2010


as it goes if you can get or have got one of those old vax hoovers that suck up water they are brilliant for getting the dregs out .

7 Apr, 2010

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