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How to collect seeds from Dahlia?

Falkirk, United Kingdom Gb

Does anyone know how to collect seeds from Dahlia's ? I collect pansy , poppy and Marigold seeds but would like to collect Dahlia if i knew how .

On plant Dahlia



Let the seedheads dry on the plants, now is the time.It can help to pull off some of the back petals to help the drying process.Pull off the pods when they have finally closed, and keep somewhere (like a greenhouse bench) to dry further. In february break the pods onto a tray and gently blow on a small batch at a time to clear all the lighter rubbish from the heavier seeds. The seeds can then be hand sorted, keeping the ones that have a firmer feel to them.

27 Sep, 2007


Great peice of info...thanks Darryluk

12 Aug, 2009

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