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Bosch Shredder Axt2000Hp

Had to strip this down to replace the scraper which fits at the base of the helix cutting blade. Now I need to put the machine back together and find that the grease in the gears needs replacing. Bright green stuff, but what is it? Might be Silicon grease?
Anyone know?



hello owdun /green grease is used for gears it is high grade so that it sticks to all the gearing and does not spin off mobil has a replacement equal but i daresay any good greas for gears would be equivilant its green as a marketing brand but i forget who for

28 Jan, 2014


just had a look on google it says ,high temp waterproof grease you can buy it on amazon or any good garden machine shop does not need to be green

28 Jan, 2014


Cheers man, I thunked that was it. It needs to be high temperature so that it does not melt and run into the electrics which are below the gear housing.

28 Jan, 2014


Is this the correct stuff, you think?

28 Jan, 2014


sorry mate i can,t follow the links ,but if you google green grease it comes up as synthetic polymere high temp more than this i can,t help garden or agri machine shop is needed

28 Jan, 2014


We are going to a main dealers on Thursday so will ask there. Ta muchly.

28 Jan, 2014


The main dealer who also repair these use a high temperature Lithium grease, so that is what I have got. Thanks for responses.

30 Jan, 2014

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